Variety Asian Instant Ramen Bundle


Are you a ramen lover? Eat delicious and different types of ramen. You need some energy to keep reading your favourite yaoi. Yummy!

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Product description

Variety Asian Instant Ramen Bundle, Samyang, Nissin, Hao Hao, Nongshin, Mama

Sweet sweets! Popular Japanese candy and snacks! Great to eat while reading yaoi and watching BL. Enjoy the full experience and lifestyle.

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What is yaoi?

Yaoi, also known as Boys Love (BL) or shonen-ai, is a media genre depicting romantic and homoerotic relationships between males. This genre blossomed in Japan in the ’70s as a literary genre, originally consisting of derivative works developing from parodies of original anime and manga stories. However, it gradually transformed into an umbrella term for other forms of fiction, such as anime, movies, dramas, and fan-works, featuring homosexual relationships.