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Cute I Ship It PopSockets! Fujoshi, anime, boys love aficionados. If you own a phone, you need this! Get it now and pop your phone!

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Cute I Ship It PopSockets Grip and Stand for Phones and Tablets

If you love anime and Japanese pop culture, you are a real fujoshi. For all anime and manga fans and cosplay. Be a proud otaku and live Japanese pop culture. A great gift for family, friends, coworkers and acquaintances. The ideal gift for Easter or Christmas. Make your yaoi lovers loved ones happy. 

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What is yaoi?

Yaoi, also known as Boys Love (BL) or shonen-ai, is a media genre depicting romantic and homoerotic relationships between males. This genre blossomed in Japan in the ’70s as a literary genre. When originally consisted of derivative works developing from parodies of original anime and manga stories. However, it gradually transformed into an umbrella term for other forms of fiction. Such as anime, movies, dramas, and fan-works, featuring homosexual relationships.

The Fujoshi/Fudanshi Fandom

Fujoshi (腐女子) refers to the female yaoi fandom that emerged in the early 2000s among manga and anime fans in the online community. Fujoshi can be loosely translated as ‘rotten girl’. So the use of ‘rotten’ in a self-deprecating manner. Because it symbolizes the somehow immoral or inappropriateness of the genre in the mainstream culture. In conclusion, women who take pleasure in consuming media depicting sexual and romantic relationships between men. 

Despite most fujoshi being heterosexual young women, the fandom is diverse and includes people of all genders, ages, and sexualities. Male fans are called fudanshi, meaning ‘rotten boy’.